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Becoming a Procurement Hero: Top tips

Procurement Hero

Procurement teams are an increasingly critical resource in organisations across the globe, driving savings and streamlining spend management processes resulting in huge benefits that span not just the procurement team, but the organisation as a whole.

To help procurement teams shout about their successes and drive forward a positive change in attitudes across the business, we’ve compiled a list of top tips to becoming a Procurement Hero. Read More

6 steps to successful supplier adoption

Supplier Adoption

Any new eProcurement solution should be designed to bring benefit to both buyer and supplier, which is why here at Wax Digital we place an enormous importance on ensuring our clients achieve supplier adoption perfection before the implementation stage of our web3 eProcurement and eSourcing software.

Even when meticulously planned however, there is always the possibility of resistance to process change, which is why we have summarised below six steps to help you achieve supplier adoption success. Read More

Achieving successful implementation through effective project management

Project Management

Existing to meet the needs of our ever-expanding client base, the Wax Digital project management team work tirelessly to ensure the success and efficiency of all web3 implementations.

As part of the project management team, Programme Manager Phil Wright reveals what it takes to achieve successful implementation in this exclusive guest blog. Read More

5 facts about FTSE 350 CPOs


Earlier this year we undertook some research to discover a little more about the typical FTSE 350 CPO. By conducting numerous phone call interviews with FTSE 350 CPOs and carrying out expansive LinkedIn research we uncovered some fascinating figures.

With over 10 years’ experience working alongside procurement professionals we wanted to delve a little deeper into their typical career paths to discover key statistics and what it takes to get to the top. You can download the full report here, but see below for a quick summary of the 5 most interesting facts we found in the results. Read More

Leading a world-class product development team

Product development

In this exclusive guest blog, Mike Knowles, head of product management at Wax Digital discusses how the Product development team functions and what processes the team adhere to, to ensure integrity and innovation across all Wax Digital web3 spend management solutions.

Here at Wax Digital, new product development is of utmost important to the team, as it is essential that we continually strive to keep our products as innovative and competitive as possible, with regular software releases and incremental updates to our solutions. Read More

5 common misconceptions about eSourcing

eSourcing Misconceptions

While the benefits and savings potential of eSourcing are widely known, eSourcing is still shrouded in misconceptions, many of which are exactly that.

Below we analyse 5 of the most common regarding eSourcing and eAuctions and help uncover the truth! Read More

What do procurement professionals want most in 2014?

Procurement professionals

In the run up to the festive season, we asked procurement professionals what their number one procurement wish for 2014 would be.

After an encouraging response that placed ‘increased procurement resource’ at the top of the rankings, we decided to pose the question to our LinkedIn community which generated an even bigger reaction. Read More

Top 6 indirect spend categories to save


Analysing critical spend categories for savings is an essential process to ensure products and services are sourced at the best price from your supply chain.

For those procurement teams focused on direct commodities we wanted to take a closer look at which indirect savings categories offered the biggest savings opportunities  through e Sourcing and how to achieve best value. Read More

2014 procurement wishes

Procurement Christmas wishes

Before the end of the 2013, we asked procurement professionals what their number one procurement wish would be for the New Year.

Having worked alongside CPOs, buyers, category managers and many others over the past ten years, we were intrigued to discover what a procurement professional would like to see change or improve in 2014. Read More

Tried & tested: QA Testing at Wax Digital


Wax Digital’s test manager, Dean Walsh reveals the critical importance of Quality Assurance testing throughout the web3 solutions portfolio and looks at the new wave of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) testing software.

Product testing is vitally important at Wax Digital as we act as the first client for web3, analysing and probing the software to ensure that it works exactly as it should, as well as ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with other IT systems such as SAP, Oracle & dynamics and third party applications before the go live process. Read More