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What do procurement professionals want most in 2014?

Procurement professionals

In the run up to the festive season, we asked procurement professionals what their number one procurement wish for 2014 would be.

After an encouraging response that placed ‘increased procurement resource’ at the top of the rankings, we decided to pose the question to our LinkedIn community which generated an even bigger reaction. Read More

Top 6 indirect spend categories to save


Analysing critical spend categories for savings is an essential process to ensure products and services are sourced at the best price from your supply chain.

For those procurement teams focused on direct commodities we wanted to take a closer look at which indirect savings categories offered the biggest savings opportunities  through e Sourcing and how to achieve best value. Read More

2014 procurement wishes

Procurement Christmas wishes

Before the end of the 2013, we asked procurement professionals what their number one procurement wish would be for the New Year.

Having worked alongside CPOs, buyers, category managers and many others over the past ten years, we were intrigued to discover what a procurement professional would like to see change or improve in 2014. Read More

Tried & tested: QA Testing at Wax Digital


Wax Digital’s test manager, Dean Walsh reveals the critical importance of Quality Assurance testing throughout the web3 solutions portfolio and looks at the new wave of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) testing software.

Product testing is vitally important at Wax Digital as we act as the first client for web3, analysing and probing the software to ensure that it works exactly as it should, as well as ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with other IT systems such as SAP, Oracle & dynamics and third party applications before the go live process. Read More

Procurement professionals: How to get to the top


Have you ever wondered how CPOs got to where they are today? Which career path did they take? How many years was it before they secured the CPO title? You can find the answers to these questions and more in our exclusive CPO Careers Research report- available for download now.

Working alongside many of the UK’s leading procurement professionals for over 10 years, here at Wax Digital we decided to undertake some research into the CPO job role across the FTSE 350 to see how these CPOs reached the top. Read More

eSourcing’s key spend categories revealed

eSourcing Savings

With so many spend categories to consider, each providing varying savings opportunities, pinpointing the indirect spend categories which will reap potential savings or minimise cost increases through eSourcing is a regular, everyday focus for procurement professionals.

From feather dusters to Kangaroo glue (!), we’ve seen a wide-range of products and services sourced via web3 eSourcing and to assist procurement professionals, we’ve come up with a (by no-means definitive) list of spend categories which can offer the most lucrative, repeat or surprising savings opportunities in our interactive eSourcing Savings Visualisation. Read More

Life in the cloud; Part 3

Cloud Computing

Peter Kinder, Chief Technical Officer at Wax Digital advises on the critical importance of Disaster Recovery when hosting data in the cloud.

Part one of this blog series looked at why some organisations are still resisting the move to the cloud while part two analysed supplier selection. In the third and final installment of this exclusive blog series looking at security in the cloud, I’ll cover a crucial element of security; disaster recovery (DR). Read More

Is social media the way forward for procurement?


Procurement professionals today have a myriad of communication channels at their fingertips, with technology solutions and business tools making it quick and easy to communicate electronically with colleagues and suppliers efficiently and this is magnified even further with the explosion of social media in recent years.

From the early days of Friends Reunited to today’s array of platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and many more there is now a plethora of choices and ways to communicate both professionally and personally.

This merging of business and consumer platforms has really opened up the doors of communication from both sides of the fence – consumers are able to voice opinions, give feedback, share and even change and influence what products and services an organisation offers. Take this recent Halloween Costume news story for instance; both Asda and Tesco have withdrawn Halloween Costumes due to public outcry. Read More

Wax Digital employee walks every square mile of the Peak District

Brian completes Peak District Challenge

Congratulations to Wax Digital Business Analyst Brian Couzins who recently completed the final 3 square miles of the challenge to walk the entire 555 square miles of the Peak District.

With several Wax employees at his side, Brian completed the last few miles of the walk at the Marsden Clough Valley in Holme and walked straight into the record books as the first person to complete the gruelling challenge.

Although enjoyable for the most part, the feat was not without its obstacles; of which included Brian being air-lifted to hospital after a bee-swarm attack a few years ago. He bounced back from this minor set-back however to finish the challenge which in total took seven years and over 180 separate walks. Read More

Dangers of outsourcing: the importance of a well-managed supply chain


Highlighted by a myriad of major news stories earlier this year, the dangers of outsourcing have once again been put firmly in the spotlight.

The high-profile cases of the horsemeat contamination scandal as well as the Bangladesh factory collapse have served to encourage even the most diligent procurement director to take a deeper look at supply chain risk and management.

When establishing an outsourced supply of goods or services the issue of sub-contracting is typically covered in initial contract negotiations, yet unauthorised subcontracting can still occur, especially if ‘on the ground’ checks are not made. Unauthorised sub-contracting is a huge potential risk to supply chain deliverables and quality and one that many buying organisations address through technology, best practice process and effective supply chain management. Read More