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A Christmas shopper’s guide to procurement excellence

Procurement christmas

Anyone opening another box of hankies on the 25th from great aunt Enid probably won’t be too surprised to learn that Christmas shoppers are getting their festive purchasing all wrong, as it’s revealed that Brits are set to waste over £1 billion* buying unwanted Christmas gifts this year.

Yes, it would seem Christmas shoppers could do with a few lesson in procurement as a survey we have recently carried out reveals some interesting facts on how many of us are clearly quite bad at buying for others. Read More

A lesson in procurement for Christmas shoppers

Christmas shopping

Daniel Ball, director at Wax Digital shares a few tips that Christmas shoppers could learn from the procurement profession in this exclusive blog for Supply Management.

Better planning and thinking who you’re buying for are just two of the best practice procurement tips that Christmas shoppers would do well to adhere to this year as it’s revealed that us Brits are us set to waste over £1 billion* on unwanted gifts. Read More

World’s first wearable procurement system goes live

web3 Glass

Wax Digital, a leading UK provider of on-demand purchase-to-pay and eSourcing software, announces the availability of web3 Glass, the world’s first wearable procurement system.

web3 Glass is part of Manchester-based software company Wax Digital’s web3 spend management software suite and uses Google Glass to allow corporate purchasing decisions and approvals to be made more easily and quickly by an organisations’ employees. Read More

Brits to waste over £1 billion buying unwanted Christmas gifts

Unwanted gifts
Once Christmas is done and dusted close to two thirds of the UK population will be busy giving away, selling on and re-gifting their unwanted presents, estimated to be worth over £1billion*, according to research by ICM on behalf of Wax Digital.

In the Great Christmas Gift-Away survey, colleagues, aunties and uncles and neighbours top the list of poor gift-givers, suggesting it’s time to kill off Secret Santa in the office, or start a gift amnesty in your street and donate money to charity instead. Read More

Five ways to grow a technology business without being a techie


The technology sector is inevitably one of the UK’s fastest growing industries. According to KPMG’s UK Tech Monitor Survey, “the UK tech sector enjoyed a robust growth in the first quarter of 2014, with business activity in the sector rising at its fastest pace since the onset of the financial crisis in 2007.”

With tax breaks aplenty, additional government funding, an increasing pool of VC investment and growing tech hubs including London’s TechCity and Manchester’s TechNorth, it’s not surprising that technology start ups are growing at a rapid rate. Read More

web3 Wearable: The world’s first wearable procurement system


Supply Chain Digital takes an exclusive look at Wax Digital’s exciting new web3 eProcurement app for Google Glass, revealing how the app works, where and when it can be used and how it could offer a range of substantial benefits to procurement professionals in the future. Read More

A clearer view of supplier risk

Magnifying risk

As supply chains expand in global reach and complexity, in this article for Supply Chain Digital, Wax Digital’s eSourcing expert Alun Morris considers how eSourcing software can help to keep a tight rein on a complex supply chain and deliver far more than lowest cost from suppliers…

Thanks to the Internet and transportation links creating an increasingly small world, the global marketplace has changed and there are now few barriers to suppliers selling their goods and services worldwide. Businesses have become increasingly reliant on these global and multi-tiered supply chains and their complexities bring about fresh challenges for supply chain managers as the increased risk posed by an expanding list of distant suppliers intensifies. Read More

Context based search: predicting procurement’s needs?


At a recent procurement technology debate called The Buying Game, we explored what technologies might impact procurement people and processes tomorrow. In this final blog for Supply Management Wax Digital’s CTO Peter Kinder looks at context based search…..

The ability to search for practically any piece of information on the internet has radically changed our lives in a very short space of time. Looking back it is sometimes hard to understand how the world worked when information was so much less readily available. Read More

Avoiding the temporary tantrums – part 4


In this final blog on the challenges of purchasing for temporary sporting events and festivals, Daniel Ball of Wax Digital looks at purchasing and its impact on the whole event experience and offers advice on how to ensure that procurement is done with this in mind…

With the summer now slowly drawing to a close, the UK has once again been host to all kinds of events up and down the country. Whether you’re into cars, food, music or sport, there has been an event that will appeal to you. Organisers of these events are now likely to be reflecting on their hectic summers and mulling over what went well, perhaps not so well and what could be done better or differently next time to ensure the event’s continued and future success. Read More

Collaboration tools: connected procurement?

connected people

At a recent procurement technology debate called The Buying Game, we explored what technologies might impact procurement people and processes tomorrow. In this, the third of four blogs for Supply Management, we look at collaboration tools….

Unlike some of the other technologies we’re looking at in this series of blogs, collaboration tools are perhaps less ‘out there’ and more something that is being accepted and utilised in many business environments today. Read More