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Avoiding the temporary tantrums – part 4


In this final blog on the challenges of purchasing for temporary sporting events and festivals, Daniel Ball of Wax Digital looks at purchasing and its impact on the whole event experience and offers advice on how to ensure that procurement is done with this in mind…

With the summer now slowly drawing to a close, the UK has once again been host to all kinds of events up and down the country. Whether you’re into cars, food, music or sport, there has been an event that will appeal to you. Organisers of these events are now likely to be reflecting on their hectic summers and mulling over what went well, perhaps not so well and what could be done better or differently next time to ensure the event’s continued and future success. Read More

Collaboration tools: connected procurement?

connected people

At a recent procurement technology debate called The Buying Game, we explored what technologies might impact procurement people and processes tomorrow. In this, the third of four blogs for Supply Management, we look at collaboration tools….

Unlike some of the other technologies we’re looking at in this series of blogs, collaboration tools are perhaps less ‘out there’ and more something that is being accepted and utilised in many business environments today. Read More

Avoiding the temporary tantrums – part 3


This third blog from Wax Digital for Spend Matters continues to explore the challenges of purchasing for temporary sporting events and festivals. This time we focus on the importance of vetting suppliers to ensure they have the capacity to supply for large numbers…

When it comes to any large scale gathering, be it a music festival or sporting event, risk can rear its ugly head in many different forms. Crowd safety has to be the number one priority of course, but organisers also need to ensure that the suppliers they engage with are equipped to cope with the large number of attendees the event is likely to attract. Read More

Avoiding the temporary tantrums – part 2


This second blog from Wax Digital for Spend Matters, looks at the challenges of purchasing around temporary sporting events and festivals, will focus on the issue of forecasting. How do you ensure you buy what you need at the right quality, correct quantity and at the right price?

Surprises occur at most major events. To name a few recent sporting examples, Murray’s early exit from Wimbledon, a 13-year old winning a swimming medal in Glasgow, or Spain’s disastrous rapid exit in Brazil (not to mention the host team’s slaughter in the final). Read More

Wax Digital web3 eSourcing increases international reach

web3 eSourcing

Wax Digital’s web3 eSourcing has enhanced its multi-lingual capabilities from an already impressive 11 languages to 13 with the recent additions of Danish and Czech.

Enabling organisations to deploy web3 to users across a host of different countries in their native language, and to communicate with suppliers across the globe, taking an international approach to supply is no barrier to purchasing. Many Wax Digital clients significantly enhance their savings by introducing supplier competition across multiple countries. Read More

Making procurement work better for your charity

Procurement for Charities

Ongoing economic uncertainty and brutal government funding reforms have inevitably caused charities’ resources to become stretched to the limit. However, figures published in April 2014 by The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have revealed an even bleaker picture than we may have thought, signalling that charities must urgently bring their spending under control if they haven’t already done so.

In this exclusive article by Wax Digital for Charities Management, we analyse how charities can enhance procurement processes and utilise eProcurement software to their advantage in light of current government funding cuts. Read More

Wearable technology: The right fit for procurement?

Wearable tech

At a recent procurement technology debate called The Buying Game, Wax Digital explored what technologies might impact the procurement people and processes of tomorrow. In this, the second of four blogs for Supply Management, Wax Digital’s CTO Peter Kinder looks at wearable technology.

We’re increasingly a world on the move; more than ever we want information to be at our fingertips wherever we are. To reflect this global trend investors have spent half a billion dollars in equity and debt on wearable technology start-ups since 2009. Fast forward to 2018 and analysts predict that the ‘wearables’ market will be worth in excess of $8 billion. Read More

The Calor Gas efficiency drive


Calor Gas features as the cover story in August’s Supply Chain Digital magazine, revealing how the organisation has been proactive in its approach to spend control and cost efficiency by initiating a procurement transformation with the help of world-class eProcurement software web3 Purchase to Pay.

Tasked with building a new procurement function from the ground up, Group Purchasing Manager at Calor, Kevin Wing identified the need for a specialist eProcurement solution as being critical to help the company optimise its spend control. Read More

The Internet of Things: Positive for procurement?


At a recent procurement technology debate called The Buying Game, Wax Digital explored what technologies might impact procurement people and processes tomorrow. In this, the first of four blogs, Wax Digital’s CTO Peter Kinder look at The Internet of Things…

The potential of the IoT is unlimited. From smart baby monitors that enable you to see, hear and interact with your baby (or pet!) to location-based devices that help you locate products in shops and contextually suggest things for you to buy based on your preferences. Read More

The challenges of buying for short-term events: Avoiding the temporary tantrums, Part 1


In this exclusive first guest blog in a series for Spend Matters, Wax Digital’s Daniel Ball looks at the impact of large-scale/short-term buying on the big, one-off or annual events.

Whether your thing is music or sport, it’s fair to say that there are almost back to back major events happening this summer to keep you entertained. Of course the focus is currently on Glasgow, but we’ve also had the World Cup, Glastonbury and Wimbledon to name a few with more still to come. Read More