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Fully integrated Source to Pay software allows you to maximise efficiencies, savings and spend compliance throughout the entire procurement lifecycle.

Best-in-class purchasing organisations universally understand that eSourcing and Purchase to Pay (P2P) are essential bedfellows, with P2P providing the framework for compliance that delivers on the savings created by eSourcing.

Moreover, those organisations accept that a Source to Pay solution from a single vendor, rather than separate providers, offers considerable benefit.


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Why Source to Pay?

Combining eSourcing with Purchase to Pay in one integrated platform gives you the compliance to deliver on the promise of savings.



Source to Pay enables data like supplier records, product data and contracts to name a few, to flow seamlessly between activities. Users always have up to date information, improving your spend control and visibility.



Orders are placed against the goods and services in your source to pay solution ensuring compliant buying. Non-contract items can be passed into eSourcing for a tender and/or auction, with the order eventually being placed with the winning supplier.


Fully Auditable

Integrated reporting functionality gives you a comprehensive end-to-end audit of the entire purchasing process at the push of a button.


Eliminate administration

Taking away administrative tasks like data input and invoice mismatches enables procurement and finance professionals to focus on value added tasks.


Ease of roll out

Having one central cloud-based solution ensures a simpler and more efficient roll-out and integration with existing systems. Quick user adoption across internal and external stakeholders in turn lowers training and support costs thanks to a common, consistent interface.

"web3 Source to Pay helps to drive real efficiencies and cost savings across the business without comprising on quality."Head of Procurement, Weetabix

"The financial argument alone justifies web3 Source to Pay, but the control it gives us from a clinical governance point of view is critical in 21st century medicine."Chief Executive, CDDFT

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