System Implementation

A Purchase to Pay (P2P) implementation touches more stakeholders, both inside and outside your organisation, than probably any other business system.

A highly skilled and experienced implementation team is critical in ensuring that every project stage, from sales handover to business as usual, is effectively managed, communicated and delivered.

The Wax Digital Client Services team comprises a group of Purchase to Pay implementation experts using a set of tailored working procedures which combine a best fit of Prince, SSADM and other methodologies. We focus on delivering highly successful project outcomes to a clearly defined formula without overburdening administration.

Workshop Objectives

The first stage of solution delivery for any web3 implementation involves a series of workshops designed to accomplish a series of objectives:

  • Identifying Needs
    Carefully formulated to expose and capture the detailed requirements of the different business areas on which our solutions touch.
  • Defining rules
    Every organisation has unique process requirements. We seek to to apply procurement and process best practice twinned with a flexible approach to deliver against your business model, rules and needs.
  • Creating Champions
    Creating ownership in stakeholders across a range of disciplines at this stage allows them to contribute to the final solution, creating ownership and advocacy.

Workshop Content

Workshops are led by a senior Business Analyst from the Client Services team and the Project Manager that will be responsible for your web3 Purchase to Pay delivery.

Each delivery project is different but the series of workshops typically include the focus areas in the diagram on the right.


Development and Delivery

Following sign-off of the system blueprint, the next stage looks at the configuration of web3 Purchase to Pay for your organisation to deliver a best practice system that takes into account your needs, capabilities and existing infrastructure.

Regular communications from your Project Manager, including weekly formal project reviews and updates, ensure that you are kept up to date and involved throughout the delivery process.

Rigorous internal testing is then followed by User Acceptance testing, involving cross-functional users from your team to ensure that web3 meets all your expectations before handover to live.

Why work with Wax Digital

  • Over a decade’s P2P implementation expertise
  • A wealth of best practice understanding
  • Rigorous, proven implementation methodologies
  • Unique integration capabilities and systems
  • Focused on successful client outcomes

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