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Delivering user-centric eProcurement

The greatest enemy of process change is inertia. Where systems rely on users to engage with them, especially where those systems replace an established (albeit inefficient and costly) way of working, then user resistance - even hostility - can make a significant dent in solution ROI.

For Wax Digital the process of securing buy-in and ultimately ensuring compliance begins at the very outset of every project, in which we capture prospective user requirements and concerns during the requirements gathering stage.

Most projects include the development of a 'sandpit' system at an early stage in development, allowing users to experience the system interface and stimulating high levels of feedback and ownership.

However, the distributed nature of the solutions we deliver - sometimes with tens of thousands of suppliers, customers and employees - means user adoption cannot be driven face-to-face. As a result, we pay close attention to three core principles in delivering successful eProcurement:

Our goal is always to deliver eProcurement solutions that minimise the training requirements for administrators and eliminate the training requirements for end-users.

If it is easy to use it is easy to adopt and the dynamic user interface for Wax Digital solutions is designed to deliver the Amazon.com experience to business users, where processes are clear, well-defined and obvious.

Wax Digital offers a range of marketing assistance services to help in generating awareness and buy-in from large stakeholder communities, including packs of promotional material, user engagement web sites and internal marketing campaigns.

Wax Digital offers a range of packages to further assist in stakeholder enablement, including supplier forums and roadshows.

Online user guides, sophisticated wizards to lead users through complex processes, clear and obvious on-screen instruction. All these things add up to an environment in which users feel comfortable and supported.

Where any further assistance is required, Wax Digital customers benefit as standard from the highest level of technical and application support.

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Wax Digital delivers turnkey source-to-pay solutions, managed from specification to support by our highly experienced service professionals.

Our service portfolio covers:

Sourcing Consultancy

Wax Digital sourcing consultants provide event management and expert strategic sourcing consultancy services across a wide range of spend categories.

Please see the web3 eSourcing section of this site for more details.

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