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5 things you might not know about web3

web3 continues to be one of the leading eProcurement solutions available in the market. Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of customers on our books including huge brands such as Nissan, NHS, ITV, Virgin Active, Center Parcs and many more.

With all these clients, and the wealth of data it affords us, we sat down with our new data insights executive, Dom Urmson, to identify several parts of web3 that are seriously underutilised.

#1 – Unit of measure (In admin, P2P)

Large scale Purchase-to-pay projects often require entering data in many different units. For instance, you might need to enter data in different currencies; enter weight in metric or imperial; or some other unit of measurement.

web3 Purchase-to-pay (P2P) has the functionality to allow users to manage the units of measure that suppliers use when uploading products to their catalogues.

This is important, particularly for those with large-scale P2P projects, as different units used by different suppliers may cause confusion and have consequences such as incorrect quantities of items being ordered. A simple change of unit allows users to manage specifically what goes into their systems.Screengrab of web3 interface

#2 – Dun and Bradstreet Integration (S2C)

Dun and Bradstreet is one of the market-leading data, analytics and insights platforms for businesses. It specialises in providing up-to-date risk and financial information.

We’ve integrated web3 seamlessly with D&B. It is a recent implementation to web3, so not many people know about it at this stage.

Users can set data to refresh at any set time or request this information at the touch of a button. This ensures web3 users can keep abreast of the latest data from their suppliers.

Dun and Broadsheet integration with e procurement software

#3 – Approvals delegation (P2P)

Imagine you need to get a big purchase approved.

You go through the process on the back-end system, then send an email through to your line manager, and suddenly, you hit their out of office. It says they’re on holiday, and you can’t get anything approved until they come back.

Thankfully, with web3 P2P, as a super user, it’s possible to delegate user approvals, therefore, avoiding scenarios like the one mentioned above.

It saves your organisation precious time and resources waiting for the specific person to authorise something.

Screen shot of Web3 e-procurement software

#4 – Embedded reports

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) can be embedded within web3 and displayed within its interface.

It saves you the hassle of having to navigate into another system for information such as spend by categories, number of renders ran, percentage of invoices matched first time and much more.

Key information about your suppliers will always be available in web3 – ensuring you and your team are in the know all the time.

A Screen shot of Eauction software from Web3

#5 – Connect module

We’re big on integration here at Wax Digital, and that’s why we developed the Connect module – to help our clients integrate web3 with their favourite tools.

You might not know this but Connect allows you to self-serve connections with your favourite ERP, finance or analytics platform

It delivers enterprise-class integration capabilities, entirely out of the cloud. You can quick build new interfaces for your software, as well as access a range of pre-built connectors.

web3 e procurement integration platform

Got anything you’d like to share?

Is there anything really exciting about web3 you’d like to share? It’s full of features, tips and tricks that we haven’t even listed here – but we’d love to hear what you think about it.

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