Procurement Hero

Becoming a Procurement Hero: Top tips

Procurement teams are an increasingly critical resource in organisations across the globe, driving savings and streamlining spend management processes resulting in huge benefits that span not just the procurement team, but the organisation as a whole.

To help procurement teams shout about their successes and drive forward a positive change in attitudes across the business, we’ve compiled a list of top tips to becoming a Procurement Hero.

A great plan

Strategic planning is an essential element in becoming a Procurement Hero. Analyse your current position and devise a bullet-proof business case which demonstrates clearly the benefits of the procurement investment to the entire organisation.

Power of communication

Enhancing communication across your organisation can assist in embedding the process that is necessary to achieve cross-functional procurement and savings targets. Identify who, when, what and how those communication messages should be targeted.


Align with other business functions and individuals to share and agree on strategic plans and objectives. Where possible create cross-functional teams to enhance communication and results. Utilising the specialist powers and insight of others will only help to strengthen your hero campaign. Advocates in key business areas will not only achieve their own results but benefit from overall business successes.

Secret weapons

Every good superhero has a special super power or weapon and as procurement professionals, technology can really aid the fight against maverick spend, inefficiency and reduced profit margins. A key weapon in this fight can be eProcurement technologies such as eSourcing and Purchase-to-Pay solutions which can improve time efficiency and streamline spend management while offering outstanding financial benefits.

Find out how eProcurement and eSourcing solutions have enabled purchasing teams from a leading UK organisation to effectively collaborate with and enhance relationships with other functions in the business, read the Center Parcs case study here.