Source to Pay, Belron UK,

Belron UK takes fast lane to compliant value-driven procurement

Many businesses face daily sourcing challenges around trying to onboard suppliers quickly, run faster tenders and keep track of paper-based contracts whilst ensuring they don’t expire. And last but not least a lack of auditing and compliance which is lost amongst the manual paper work and processes is another challenge in itself!

Belron UK, parent company of Autoglass® and the world’s leading vehicle glass repairs and replacement group, has over 2,500 employees across the UK. The Belron UK procurement team was looking to improve its sourcing processes, by running faster tenders, getting better visibility of supplier contracts and drive compliance across its supply base, whilst trying to saving admin time.

Faced with the typical sourcing challenges that many businesses all over the world experience, where manual processes are heavily relied on, Belron UK turned to Wax Digital’s web3 Source to Contract (S2C) solution.

Using web3 S2C the business has been able to:

  • Track and gain audibility for £50 million of spend, by using only approved suppliers in web3 for indirect spend, helping drive automatic compliance across the business
  • Speed up the creating and distributing of tenders by using tender templates available in web3 S2C, helping the procurement team run tenders 3x faster
  • Onboard suppliers electronically by capturing key risk metrics, financial and healthy safety data via online supplier questionnaires available in web3 S2C, with the flexibility to be tailored by Belron UK’s procurement team
  • Upload and store contracts in web3 Contract Management, part of web3 S2C, where automatic alerts are set for contract renewals ensuring they never roll over

Belron UK has been able to quickly improve and streamline its sourcing processes in just a few months.

“We are using web3 S2C to create comprehensive supplier profiles that demonstrates compliance with our key procurement requirements. These are available to stakeholders across the business in real time, giving us peace of mind that our suppliers are financially secure, ethically sound and able to deliver the products, services and quality we need.” says Neil Woodyet, Senior Buyers – Dealers & Indirect Goods & Services, Belron UK

“We’ve been operations-led in the past, with orders being placed with suppliers who haven’t yet been approved. Using web3 S2C, we’ve become a strategic partner to the business, ensuring that suppliers are compliant and that purchasing decisions are always signed off by the right people at the right time. We’re well on our way to more controlled, more efficient more complaint procurement which will contribute directly to our bottom line.” he adds.

Download the case study to discover key steps Belron UK took to implement best practice and overcome its sourcing challenges.