HQIP choose Wax Digital

Better patient care backs the case for cloud-based eSourcing

In the UK healthcare organisations are constantly under pressure to deliver high quality care to their patients. It falls to The Care Quality Commission to regulate all health and social care services, and to ensure basic quality and safety standards are achieved in England. Its review findings are available to the public, which means any audited health or social care provider not meeting the set requirements can expect to be put under the microscope to improve their practices.

This is where the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) comes in, who provide help and support for healthcare providers to identify areas where quality of care can be improved. To do this the HQIP is responsible for managing a programme of clinical audits on behalf of NHS England, with the aim to improve care quality as well as promoting quality in healthcare.

To commission and manage clinical audits means they need to find a wide range of specialist external expertise to carry them out. HQIP recognised that in order to do this effectively and efficiently, best practice procurement tendering processed were needed to source the right professionals.

HQIP turned to Wax Digital’s web3 eSourcing platform to speed up their procurement processes, allowing them to source experts effectively, without the manual paper-based tender processes they had previously used, saving time and resources. web3 eSourcing also enables HQIP to create and publish tenders electronically, as well as to collate all responses from their suppliers online.

Additionally the system offers a range of automated and manual scoring functionality, so responses can easily be assessed and compared.

As we’d aimed for, Wax Digital web3 has greatly improved our processes. Moving away from paper-based tendering has significantly reduced the time it takes to review and award teams for projects. It has also helped further ensure our quality guidelines are upheld and we now have a much more efficient way of engaging with our suppliers and them with us.”

Judith Hughes, interim Head of Procurement, HQIP

By implementing an eSourcing system, HQIP is now taking advantage of a more efficient supply chain for managing their clinical audits, with the best possible professionals being selected to run auditing projects.  The solution is helping them meet their objectives for improving the standards of health and social care being provided to patients.

At Wax Digital we’re seeing interest from an increasing number of healthcare organisations, and it seems many procurement professionals in healthcare are now making the link between efficient supply chain technology and, most importantly, better outcomes for their patients.