CPO Viewpoint

CPO Viewpoint – Procurement’s view of the findings

Our recently launched research study, CPO Viewpoint– What the business really thinks of procurement’s value, which revealed what internal departments (Finance, IT and Sales and Marketing) thought of the procurement function – with some (and some not so!) surprising results, we followed on from this report by interviewing and gaining feedback from procurement professionals from within our industry leading clients.

CPO Viewpoint – Procurement’s view of the findings, offers top tips and advice from our clients regarding the strategies they’ve implemented within their organisations to improve perceptions of the procurement function.

With input from both public and private sector clients in industries such as healthcare, automotive, legal and education – we discover a large emphasis on the importance of building relationships with stakeholders in those departments and how to sing procurement’s praises – demonstrating the value it can add to not only their departments, but the organisation as a whole.

Building strong and productive internal allegiances can be a large challenge – but also a fantastic business opportunity. So, whether you’re a procurement professional looking to improve and promote the procurement function within your organisation, or a professional within another department looking to work closer with the procurement function – CPO Viewpoint – Procurement’s view of the findings report will help you to evaluate and identify which approach to take within your organisation to gain future success.

Download: CPO Viewpoint – Procurement’s view of the findings.