Google Glass & our commitment to innovation

Google Glass & our commitment to innovation

In this exclusive guest blog, Wax Digital’s CTO Peter Kinder discusses the development team’s commitment to technological innovation and the recent announcement regarding Google Glass…

Being one of the country’s leading technology organisations certainly has its perks. We have a fantastic, committed development team who turn up to work each day with exciting new ideas and are genuinely dedicated to creating the most innovative products available in the eProcurement market today.

Our commitment to innovation saw us launch the world’s first eProcurement solution for the futuristic Google Glass in 2014, you might have even tried out web3 for Google Glass if you visited us at the eWorld conference or the inaugural Procurement Summit event.

Although Glass was still in its BETA test phase and had a long way to come in terms of the consumer market, through the process of developing the app, we could see the potential in Glass to transform procurement processes, albeit not in the immediate future.

News broke last week with sensational headlines screaming ‘Google Glass development comes to an end’ but looking more deeply into the story that actually isn’t the case at all.

In a nutshell, Google has ended its Explorer program which was its ‘semi-public beta test’ and as a result it won’t be selling the ‘Explorer edition’ of Glass any more. Taking extensive feedback from the Explorer program it is now developing a second generation of Glass, moving development out of its Google X R&D division and into a dedicated, more commercially focussed team.

We expect the next version of Glass to be targeted towards the B2B sectors such as healthcare, aviation and travel, military, and other field service industries. So while this may appear to be a slight set-back for Glass, its comeback could potentially take the B2B world by storm.

We dedicate a portion of our development team to future innovations as we believe it helps to enhance and develop current solutions based on future considerations. Like Google, the development doesn’t stop here at Wax and we intend to reveal our latest innovation at the upcoming eWorld event in March.

You can take a closer look at our research initiative ‘The Buying Game’, where we’ve taken an extensive look into the future of eProcurement technology.

We are also running an Innovation Event on 25th March 2015 where we will be revealing our latest innovations and analysing the current and future technology developments in the procurement market.