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February 2017

January 2017

  • Future of Procurement

    What will the future of procurement look like?

    Spend Matters', Jason Busch, Founder and Head of Strategy discusses 3 key topics that are shaping the future of procurement in our exclusive Spend Matters webinar.




  • In-house vs Off-the-shelf Procurement Software

    When making a case for a procurement or finance software investment, any business with a sizeable IT function will inevitably need to consider whether to build that software in-house or to use a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system. 

  • Future Technology 2020

    How can better technology change the future of procurement?

    Our Chief Operations Officer, Marcus Willbourn, discusses the future of procurement technology and what that means for both procurement professionals and system users.

  • 5 pairs of wellington boots

    The 12 days of web3 eProcurement

    As the 12 days of Christmas come to a close today we couldn’t resist showing you our “12 days of web3” – featuring some of the more unusual items our clients bought with our eProcurement solutions in 2016.

December 2016

November 2016

  • How to achieve sustainable SRM

    How to achieve sustainable SRM

    We reveal the three key elements that need to be in place to achieve sustainable Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – the downing of the flagship Smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – the downing of the flagship Smartphone

    The Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung's flagship device, and shared more in common with the Titanic than its notable size when its launch went horribly wrong. Our Managing Director, Paul Ellis, discusses the lessons procurement can learn in supply chain compliance.

  • Sun setting behind the Brexit cloud

    Is there a bright side to Brexit?

    Could Brexit have a silver lining? Daniel Ball, Business Development Director at Wax Digital, discusses the impact of falling Sterling values since the Brexit result, and the upside for UK industry.