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  • Measure procurement savings

    4 steps to measure procurement ROI

    So when it comes to tracking your projects, are you still relying on spreadsheets? If you are then our 4 steps guide to measuring procurement ROI can help put an end to sifting through and organising all data files, helping you to spend time on the more important things. 

  • Late Payment Notice

    Is there a simple solution for the old problem of late payments?

    Marcus Willbourn our Chief Operations Officer discusses the implications of late invoice payments as well as how it can be avoided. 

  • Innovation in procurement software

    Is procurement close to its innovation pinnacle?

    Our recent research revealed that procurement is looking to innovate and want to do so more in the future. Daniel Ball, Business Development Director at Wax Digital discusses some of the  obstacles procurement may have to face when innovating. 

  • Cloud procurement

    Cloud creates opportunities for ERP based procurement

    Daniel Ball our Business Development Director discusses the advantages and challenges that come with cloud based eProcurement solutions and ERP integration.

July 2016

  • Construction Fair Payment Charter

    4 Ways to Become a Signatory to the Fair Payment Charter

    Set up by the Government back in 2008, the Prompt Payment Code encourages businesses to pay suppliers on time by setting out guidelines and standards on payment practices. By complying to the Code, you can apply to become a signatory to the Construction Sector's Fair Payment Charter, which not only gives you better negotiation room for more favourable pricing with your suppliers, but also gives your brand a positive boost.

    We've put together a quick guide showing you the 4 steps to compliance.

June 2016