Procurement Innovation Personas

What kind of procurement innovator are you? Take our innovation persona test

Have you ever wondered how innovative you are in your role? Now you can take the test and find out what kind of procurement persona you are. Our latest research uncovered that 80% of procurement professionals are seeking to challenge the stereotypical view of procurement’s function and are working on becoming more innovative.

The research revealed four different procurement innovation personas:

  1. High-level Visionaries are very committed to technology and use data insights in order to influence business decisions including innovation. They use their expertise and experience to influence top level innovation with the bigger picture in mind, instead of directly making the changes happen.
  2. Enlightened Activists are the most common group and are most likely to directly lead innovation. They have more of a hands-on approach and are successfully delivering business value through technology implementation. Focusing on real business issues rather than only departmental problems.
  3. Early Strategist are mainly working on fundamental changes linked to innovation such as implementation of new solutions, but they also have the biggest ambitions for future innovations.
  4. Pragmatic Professionals are happy to improve existing procurement processes, but are less innovation driven. Their priority is to save money and clearly follow current business processes.

The research has shown a positive trend amongst procurement professionals, as they see how they can benefit from innovation. It’s a great step forward, from changing the way they do things in their department, to influencing change in the wider business.

Procurement’s innovation journey is not clear cut, but we have seen evidence of professionals looking to disrupt current practice, from nurturing the correct set of skills to making departmental change to break new ground in their organisation’s approach to technology.  Take our test today and see what kind of innovator you are!

The personas are based on research conducted by MORAR Consulting with 100 senior UK procurement executives commissioned by Wax Digital.