NHS spending

The procurement response to Lord Carter’s interim report on NHS spending

Helen Lisle, associate director of procurement at County Durham and Darlington NHS foundation Trust (CDDFT), has  acknowledged the need for control over supplier and clinician relationships following Lord Carter’s interim report on NHS spending.

Lisle believes that it is essential to have vigorous policies and processes in order to create a clear framework for “off-contract spend”. This is to ensure that “off-contract spend” doesn’t have a negative impact on the trust’s course of action and most importantly, on the quality of patient care.

Following the recent Lord Carter’s interim report on NHS spending, Lisle who is also chairman of the Health Care Supply Association, comments that the report “identifies a number of elements that can’t be argued with, however
from a procurement point of view it doesn’t identify much if anything we didn’t already know”.

Lisle suggests, that trusts should use single electronic catalogues, like CDDFT, which has been using the web3 eProcurement solution, provided by Wax Digital and is now seeing 90% of their orders being connected to eCatalogues. In addition, she pointed out the importance of inventory management:

“From a procurement point of view, what is the point of investing in robust contracting approaches to drive efficiency at the front if you have little control at the back end, over inventory management? ”.

Helen Lisle, Associate Director of Procurement, CDDFT

Additionally, Lisle has said she would like to see a UK version of the US Sunshine Act, which involves suppliers providing information on their commercial relationships with clinicians.

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