web3 for Food

Easy and effective online purchasing for food buyers

We have recently launched web3 for Food, a derivative of our class-leading cloud Source to Pay (S2P) system with unique features that enable food buyers of every description, from chefs to catering managers, to streamline their food ordering processes and automate invoice management.

Designed to cater for the specific food purchasing needs of the sector, web3 for Food delivers deep supply chain integration, allowing a typical food buyer to fully automate electronic orders and invoices by over 70% of the value of their food and beverage buying. Integrated suppliers include all the UK’s leading food and drink players such as Bidvest, Brake Bros and Fresh Fayre. Catering and hospitality businesses can take advantage by connecting quickly and seamlessly to their billing systems using existing web3 interfaces.

Rapid order compilation from an intuitive online catalogue with approved prices and supplier products gives food buyers the facility to simply create favourite lists, making web3 for Food quick and easy to use in dynamic food purchasing environments.

With the ability to process thousands of orders per day, web3 for Food also includes capabilities to handle sector-specific requirements such as catch weight ordering to factor in weight variances and rebates, substitutions, discounts and integration with recipe costing and menu planning software.

Ordering through web3 for Food helps centralise control of all food purchasing, eliminating manual and ad-hoc ordering by phone or fax. The system offers complete visibility of expenditure and the assurance that all purchasers throughout the business will pay the pre-approved price for the item, ensuring pricing consistency. Supplier deliveries are then matched against purchase orders and subsequent invoices, reducing time and cost involved in administering orders and payments.

And, because web3 for Food is built on the web3 purchasing platform, delivering spend management excellence across hundreds of organisations in every sector worldwide, all other spend categories benefit from the same level of control, compliance, visibility and process.

Daniel Ball, director at Wax Digital said: web3 for Food brings frictionless purchasing to buyers of food and drink. This sector has very specific and immediate ordering needs and weak spend control processes can lead to significant over ordering, price variations and unreported spend. The ease of use of the system means that it can be used by anyone with responsibility for purchasing within the organisation.

“Our customers are successfully placing hundreds or thousands of orders per day, streamlining ordering processes, eliminating maverick spend and providing a complete audit trail of all purchasing activity throughout the organisation. web3 for Food brings all parts of the Purchase to Pay process together via a central, secure platform to deliver one version of the truth.”

web3 for Food forms part of the complete Wax Digital web3 suite for Source to Pay, enabling the entire purchasing lifecycle– including electronic sourcing, contract management and supplier management. Wax Digital customers in the food and hospitality sector include glh Hotels, Elior, Weetabix, Warburtons, Mitchells & Butler, Virgin Active, WSH and Center Parcs.