Procurement Innovation Personas

Procurement Innovation Personas Revealed

Based on research with 100 senior UK procurement executives the personas show that at least 80% of procurement professionals are seeking to challenge the status quo through innovation, but less than 1 in 5 are innovation visionaries and many are taking different paths to reach their innovation potential.

18% of respondents were ‘high-level visionaries’, committed to technology and using data insights to influence business innovation; 36% are ‘enlightened activists’, successfully driving change and delivering business value through high technology adoption; 30% are ‘early strategists’, still sowing the early seeds of procurement innovation with many opportunities ahead of them; 20% are ‘pragmatic professionals’, less innovation focused but still open to using it to improve procurement practice.

Wax Digital has also created a simple quiz – What type of procurement innovator are you? – to help other professionals see which persona they are closest to, and how they can best apply innovation to their role.

“What’s really positive about these findings is that almost all procurement professionals see value in innovation and are involved in it, whether that’s changing the way they do things in their department, or as is increasingly the case, influencing how the business as a whole should adapt too.

Daniel Ball, Director at Wax Digital

“While early innovators tend to be dealing with more fundamental changes, such as implementing technology for the first time, they have the biggest ambitions for innovation in the near future. At the more experienced end of the spectrum we see a mix of procurement working hands on to drive business innovation and senior procurement advisors consulting on the business big questions around future change.”

“And these findings ring true with what we see working with procurement teams on a day to day basis. The function is shedding its stuffy and administrative reputation, investing in technology that integrates the whole sourcing and purchasing process delivering valuable insight, enabling them to be bolder in showing the business what it’s capable of.”

The personas are based on research conducted by MORAR Consulting with 100 senior UK procurement executives in spring 2016, commissioned by Wax Digital.