Smart watch procurement

Procurement teams get smart with watch app

Wax Digital, a leading UK provider of procurement and sourcing software solutions, has launched the world’s first smart watch procurement solution.

The Manchester-based company unveiled the beta version of its smart watch app, part of its web3 spend management software, this month. It allows employees across an organisation to order goods and replenish stocks, sign off purchase requests or approve invoices, quickly and easily from anywhere.

Due for release this summer, the app will initially be available on all Android based smart watch devices.

Users of the app are likely to be people whose jobs are mobile – such as nurses, facilities managers or maintenance engineers – for whom a smart watch makes it easier to order items or complete processes without interrupting their core tasks. Managers can also use the app to quickly approve purchasing requests while on the move.

The smart watch solution enables users to make voice commands to search for items they want to buy, scroll through products and add them to their basket. Wax Digital web3’s core purchase-to-pay solution is fully integrated
with the app, allowing for a fully automated procurement process to be executed behind the scenes.

Wax Digital’s smart watch solution follows the launch of the company’s recent Google Glass based solution offering functions to the user.

Wax Digital will continue to explore both eyewear technology and other wearables in the future and how their use can support business and procurement processes.

Wax Digital’s web3 purchasing software platform which will include the smart watch solution, is used by large enterprises like Weetabix and Nissan. web3 offers a more intuitive and user friendly approach to corporate buying – taking a leaf out of the world’s best online consumer shopping sites. Wax Digital’s wearable development strategy is focused on taking these user friendly purchasing processes seamlessly to a mobile environment.

Commenting on the solution, Peter Kinder, CTO of Wax Digital said, “What’s great about the smart watch solution is that it is has the ‘always on’ edge to it. Employees can wear the watch throughout their working day and quickly request new items whenever they’re needed.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways for our web3 software to be used and we’re keen to appeal to the growing interest in wearables which offer businesses multiple functional benefits and are likely to become a major corporate investment. Our customers can enjoy a quick and convenient way of sourcing items using our solution, saving time for both the organisation and its employees.”

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