Public Sector Procurement

Public Sector Procurement – discovering the path to spend control and compliance

We all know most Government organisations today face significant financial pressure. The increasing demand for services, rising service quality and extra scrutiny as well as regulations on spend all must be balanced with the backdrop of ongoing budgetary cutbacks.

Public sector procurement teams are now facing the challenge of finding new ways to ease these pressures. Delivering spend compliance and staff productivity benefits across the entire purchasing lifecycle is more important now than ever before, but it can be a complex and difficult task.

Working with public sector organisations such as Durham University and Country Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust (CDDFT) provided us with valuable experience and knowledge, helping us understand their needs and expectations.

As one of the top UK universities, with over 3000 staff and an annual spend of £140 million, Durham University is wanted to create their own pathway to procurement excellence, identifying that a eProcurement software was a key tool to help them ease the ‘more for less’ pressure. Through a formal process Durham University selected and implemented web3 Source to Pay eProcurement solution, and has saved £million since.

Wax Digital helped the University to identify areas for potential savings, with the ease of use of web3 supporting the user acceptance process and helping to remove all paper from the purchasing process. The University now sources their supplies locally and sustainably, reducing their carbon footprint and improving their green credentials. The University identified many benefits of a Source to Pay solution including financial transparency, commodity savings and improved supplier relationship management.

To find out more about how Durham University is achieving such great results take a look at our case study.

The County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust (CDDFT) also identified many different benefits of a Source to Pay solution; as one of the UK’s most successful Trusts CDDFT wanted to improve spend visibility and gain benchmark opportunities along with financial efficiency.

CDDFT’s procurement team now handles 15,000 purchasing and supply related documents every week including purchase orders, receipts and invoices. Since the majority of these are processed electronically by web3, the procurement team can focus on strategy and more advanced category and contract management, with the help of web3 eSourcing module.

In addition, integration with the back-office system remove the need for paperwork and costly manual processes. The benefits also include the provision of a consistent framework for end users to work within.
web3 supports County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust’s vision and strategic aims to achieve procurement excellence” – Associate Director of Procurement

To find out more about how CDDFT is achieving such great results take a look at our case study.

We are proud to be a G-Cloud member allowing public sector organisations easily source and adopt web3 eProcurement solutions via the Government’s online portal The Digital Market place.

Additionally, we are now a certified PEPPOL access point, helping our public-sector customers electronically communicate with as well as access the goods and services from any European suppliers within the PEPPOL network.

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