Donald Trump Giving a Speech

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Do you think you know Donald Trump? Do you reckon you can tell the difference between one of his quotes and some fake news?

Take our Donald Trump-themed quiz we built in honour of the midterm elections. It will only take you three minutes, and you’ll get a rating of how you did at the end.

The situation in both houses is on a knife-edge. The ruling Republican party wants to defend the majorities it currently enjoys in Congress. However, if the opinion polls are anything to go by, the Democrats will make gains in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

US President, Donald Trump has a vested interested in the outcome of this election. Ensuring the Republicans retain control of Congress is key to the next two years of his administration.

With a Republican-controlled Congress, Trump will be free to implement policies and laws without Democrat opposition. But should be opposite situation occur, it would make life difficult for the sitting president.

Can the Democrats seize control of Congress? Or will the Republicans retain control? Whatever political allegiance you have, the election is set to be fascinating.