Customer Feedback

The power of first hand feedback

At Wax Digital, we’re always looking for ways to gather feedback from our customers, and our user group sessions are probably the most effective way of all. There’s no better way to get a real sense of what’s on the minds of customers than in face to face group forums, and in our user groups customers can exchange views, opinions and priorities with us on our forthcoming planned developments. For us it gives a rich seem of insight that’s helping us shape the future development roadmap of our web3 software suite.

This year, we’ve given our user group session a new name – Fusion – born from the idea that the event combines our ideas with customers’ feedback. The latest event took place at Hotel Football in Manchester on March 30th, with over 50 guests attending.

As well as the feedback discussions, where we took a whole range of customers’ suggestions away to digest, the agenda was packed with a range of interactive sessions including:

  • A live eAuction masterclass
  • Our web3 voice prototype via Amazon’s artificially intelligent personal assistant, Alexa
  • A session on what makes for sensational SRM
  • A demo of our Customer Best Practice Network
  • Mike Ryan our guest futurist speaker

And for some fun to end the day, customers also enjoyed wine tasting, an indoor penalty shoot-out (yep!) and a drinks reception. Watch the video below and you’ll get a real flavour of the event.

If you’re looking to get closer to your own clients then we’d whole heartedly recommend running events like these. The power of feedback first hand is something no email survey could ever replicate.