Source to Pay Integration

Wax Digital web3 doesn’t cloud over complexity

Following the first article in this Spend Matters series (you can visit the Spend Matters website to read the first PRO article here), Xavier Olivera continues his in-depth look at the Wax Digital Source to Pay suite and integration platform as a service (iPaas) solution web3 Connect.

Successful implementation is the key to any project and web3 Connect aims to deliver this regardless of complexity, moving beyond a standard multi- tenant deployment model to one of a competitive Paas model.

Spend Matters recommends:

“Investing the time to learn the language of integration and PaaS from a procurement standpoint – and how newer integration models can drive better procurement (and business) outcomes”

Xavier Olivera, Spend Matters

Looking at the functional capabilities of web3 Connect and future plans this article is a must-read for procurement and IT professionals.

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