web3 Connect Integration

Wax Digital drives out ‘vanilla’ ERP procurement modules with new cloud integration platform

eProcurement software company Wax Digital has launched web3 Connect, the world’s first integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for easily connecting best of breed eProcurement software with any relevant third party data source – from ERP and finance software to business data sources and even social media.

web3 Connect is in response to increased customer demand for transparent and frictionless purchasing processes based on best of breed eProcurement systems and other back-office software such as SAP and Oracle.

Daniel Ball, director at Wax Digital, says,

We have seen many customers seeking to replace the procurement modules offered as part of their finance and ERP systems but stopped by the challenge of integrating back-office systems seamlessly and easily with their best of breed eProcurement solution of choice.

“By building our own robust and flexible integration tool, we can ensure that customers have freedom of choice and integration doesn’t become a barrier to success. When presented with a best of breed procurement business case the IT function can be assured of robust, secure integration that is highly visible and allows them to control, deploy and manage interfaces to and from web3 modules.”

web3 Connect will also overcome the common challenge of procurement and finance data being in separate silos, reducing organisations’ ability to analyse the performance of their spend and the purchase to pay process. With the advantage of integrating other third-party systems, procurement functions can also consider the business case advantages of integrating relevant data from other sources that can provide effective management of the purchase to pay process and wider supply-chain.

The simple interface in web3 Connect allows users to integrate applications into business processes and monitor their performance in a simple and visually appealing way. Its easy-to-use ‘click to connect’ approach makes integration of the web3 platform with leading ERP platforms and other internal systems instant. IT and procurement professionals can configure routes and manage and pause interfaces between Connect and other back-office systems, including their best of breed S2P solution giving them complete control and visibility of information.

Daniel Ball continued,

As a leading provider of on-demand Source to Pay solutions, we’re constantly striving to make technology simple for organisations and as easy as possible to adopt and use. In an increasingly connected enterprise world web3 Connect will make business processes smoother and more efficient.

web3 Connect is available now. It comes with standard adapters for most ERP platforms including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. Connectors can also be developed for bespoke or niche software applications enabling almost any software system to be integrated with it.