Software integration

Why does integration matter to procurement?

It’s no longer just about software and technology; the word ‘integration’ is increasingly becoming recognised in terms of business processes and facilitating departmental collaboration and communication. For procurement, we’ve identified three fundamental elements of integration that are critical to procurement and business success:

  • Integrated business
  • Integrated software
  • Integrated systems

Integrated business

Best practice procurement relies on effective collaboration, with strong human connections across the organisation central to an effective procurement function. Procurement transformation – to become a much more consultative and strategic function supporting the business’ decisions – is a common goal but it relies on optimising a number of critical relationships between procurement and other key business departments.

In a CPO Viewpoint research report conducted by Wax Digital across more than 200 respondents, we challenged departmental perceptions of procurement to see whether procurement’s views aligned with those other key functions.

Focused on procurement relationships with the IT, Finance and Sales & Marketing departments, the report showcased that there is substantial room for improvement when it comes to improving the perception of procurement across the business and identifies significant opportunities for internal change and cross-functional collaboration.

Where procurement teams can often struggle to effectively engage and sell a vision, whether that be in an operational initiative such as working with the marketing team to influence supplier selection and spend or a technology project such as implementing eProcurement, improving internal relationships can have a dramatic effect on the outcome.

Top Tips for achieving business integration success:

  • Understand the business goals, objectives, needs and requirements and the goals of other departments
  • Enhance communication cross-functionally – take time out each month to work with key departments
  • Champion procurement skills and knowledge to offer business stakeholders benefits that they cannot achieve without procurement involvement
  • Encourage a shared approach to performance measures and share success

Getting stakeholders on-board with new technologies:

A key element of integration between procurement and stakeholders is around the deployment and use of procurement technology

  • Tailor the communication approach to the audience
  • Talk about benefits to the stakeholder, not features
  • Paint a clear picture of how the system will benefit them
  • Highlight ease of use and parallels to consumer experience (intuitive, clear, minimise clicks, etc.)

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