Try a customer focused approach to eProcurement

The sky’s the limit with customer-powered eProcurement

When you choose Wax Digital you’re getting more than a feature-rich cloud eProcurement platform. You’ll be working alongside a vendor with a uniquely customer-focused approach.

We believe that by working with your team, listening to your ideas and sharing best practice we can deliver a platform brimming with innovation that users and suppliers love to use.

Driving quarterly releases of customer-led innovation

Our approach is driven by a belief that innovation only has value if it meets real world needs. That's why we take a large part of our product vision from close working relationships with our clients to shape our quarterly product release roadmap.

Seamless integration shouldn’t stop at software

And when the implementation work begins you’ll be assured of getting an eProcurement platform that fits seamlessly into your business - from a delivery team focused on your success.

You’ll also be starting your journey with a partner whose product roadmap is directly influenced by the ideas and innovations from you, our customer.

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