Contract management in the age of Coronavirus – love it, don’t leave it!

Watch our 60 minute webinar

In the new Coronavirus world, keeping on top of contract management will no longer be the evergreen ‘must do better’ topic. Now it needs to be part of a new strategic sourcing agenda, as organisations look to drive extra savings to protect the bottom line. Contract Management can help procurement play a leading role, from stopping contract rollovers you don’t want, to eliminating expensive off contract spend.

In this 60 minute webinar with Jenny Draper from Spend Matters and Daniel Ball from Wax Digital, you’ll find out why giving your contract management strategy some TLC in these challenging times will pay dividends, covering:

– Why good contract management is so important today – what’s at stake?
– Typical approach personas in procurement today – which one are you?
– When contract management goes wrong
– The crucial role of technology to help you get contract management right
– The ROI that loving your contract management will bring – for you, and the board