web3 eInvoicing Product Paper

eInvoicing enables an organisation to automate their invoice processing. The process benefits both the buyers and suppliers by streamlining business processes and integration to the Accounts Payable System (AP).

With web3 eInvoicing, you can revolutionise your AP team by transforming manual invoice processing into fully automated, 100% electronic invoicing. Suppliers can send invoices via their preferred method – such as direct integration, email or via the dedicated supplier portal. The system then validates and converts them into your preferred format – it’s as simple as that.

web3 eInvoicing at a glance:

  • Take advantage of frictionless invoicing through our network of pre-integrated suppliers
  • Speed up supplier adoption with our Accelerate programme
  • AnytoAny™ integration expertise into any of your back office systems
  • A platform for transforming your wider purchasing through web3 Purchase to Pay
eInvoicing Product Paper