Future Technology 2020

Wax Digital’s recent Procurement Innovation Pathway research showed that procurement’s desire to innovate was spurring a technology transformation. 70% of respondents now consider procurement tech to be as much about innovation as it is about managing processes. With increasing future procurement technology choices at their disposal, procurement professionals need help to determine what their road map could and should be.

Procurement analyst Jason Busch also recently said that today’s economic landscape, the ‘near future’ changing expectations on procurement and the predicted mega trends of the future are all collectively redefining procurement’s role and the technology choices and knowledge it requires. We’re seeing the emergence of digital procurement.

In this research piece we have gathered viewpoints from technology experts and leaders via some in-depth interviews, uncovering the 4 key visions of how procurement technology may evolve come the turn of the next decade. The report also provides inspiration for the future and advice on how to prepare for it.

Download our report to discover the 4 key visions:

  • Vision 1: The catalogue is dead; long live the catalogue
  • Vision 2: Procurement intelligence goes artificial
  • Vision 3: Integration without frontiers
  • Vision 4: It’s procurement Jim, but not as we know it

Some of those visions might go way beyond what you’re likely to be doing 2020, but there’s plenty of value to be had in thinking one step ahead and envisioning the world you’ll be grappling with in the next decade that comes around. It’s really not that far away…