2019 Sourcing Insight Report

Adopting electronic sourcing (eSourcing) processes has many benefits, such as boosting supplier performance, increased savings opportunities and better visibility of tenders and auctions.

According to analysts Levvel Research, in the last two years, there’s been a 50% rise in the number of organisations adopting eSourcing software. But knowing what it entails, where to start and what to expect isn’t always clear.

Based on research with 300 professionals from a variety of industries and organisation sizes, this guide serves as a compass for businesses who’d like to learn more about eSourcing.

It covers:

  • The top sourcing challenges facing organisations
  • The type of internal processes eSourcing involves
  • Recommendations on adopting the software
  • The benefits you can expect from using eSourcing
  • How web3 can help your organisation
levvel sourcing 2019