Super secure cloud eProcurement software for Aerospace & Defence

Modern eProcurement technology has widely been out of the reach of Aerospace & Defence companies, because of the inability of these tools to meet government regulations and cyber security requirements. This restricts the industry to methods that while secure, are far from efficient, effective modern practices.

Wax Digital has partnered with Aerospace and Defence cloud security leaders, Exostar, to allow the industry to access modern eProcurement tools. It combines the Exostar secure platform used by organisations such as the MoD, Boeing, BAE Systems, and Raytheon, with modern procurement tools and processes leveraged by industries with extremely demanding supply chain requirements. Companies in the Aerospace & Defence sector can now implement extremely effective supply chain solutions throughout their entire organisation.

web3 Secure iS2P (Integrated Source to Pay)

Benefits at a glance:

  • Modular, flexible solution spanning the entire purchasing lifecycle
  • Supports secure purchasing for both indirect and direct spend
  • World-leading identity and access management gateway
  • Multi-factor, SSO, and physical sign-in confirmation functionality
  • Military-grade secure hosting, compliant with ITAR and DoD regulations
web3 for Security and Defense