eWorld March 2017 : Transforming procurement processes with next generation technology

This session looks at some of the procurement challenges still commonly faced by procurement teams today and explores new technology horizons designed to address those issues head on in the next few years. We will reveal the visions of some of the leading Technology and Procurement experts, talk about the evolving technologies and new procurement processes and practices. With unique insight from both sides of the fence – technology user and vendor – we will also be discussing procurement’s state of readiness to meet the future and how to prepare for it.

Benefits of this session

  • Learn how intelligence-driven supplier relationships, the ‘app-isation’ of integration, personalised user experiences, Spot Buying, eNegotiation, etc. will impact you
  • Hear an expert view on the steps you can take to address common procurement challenges
  • Find out where your peers and industry experts think procurement is heading in 2020
  • Learn what your business can do to innovate and prepare for the future