Purchase to Pay Product Guide

Finally, you can transform your business spend behaviour, bring all your spend under management and wave goodbye to maverick spend.

With web3 Purchase to Pay (P2P), the highly intuitive web based purchase order system, you can provide a guided shopping experience to your employees to ensure that they’re always buying the right thing, at the right price and from the right suppliers. By enforcing procurement policies and granting access permissions, you can ensure spend compliance and control at all times.

web3 P2P also automates the entire purchase to pay process, from requisition through to payment, so you can streamline your financial and procurement processes. You can eliminate manual tasks, rapidly improve efficiency, and collect the data you need to make strategic business decisions.

web3 P2P benefits at a glance:

  • Generate costs savings by eliminating off contract spend
  • Make sure all requisitions are approved before money goes out
  • Make labour and time savings by automating the entire purchase to pay process
  • Enforce all procurement policies
  • Granular access permissions
  • Visibility on all spend data

Download our product guide today to find out more about our purchase to pay system.