Sourcing Savings

Download these sourcing savings documents to see how web3 Source to Contract has helped our key clients generate savings opportunities across a range of industries.

Common Categories

web3 Source to Contract has helped deliver indirect spend savings to customers across all industries, in all common categories.


web3 Source to Contract has helped identify savings and opportunities for retailers to lead on the high street and online.


web3 Source to Contract has helped our customers in the transport industry deliver the goods and services they need at the right price to be number 1 on the road.


Brand-leading organisations in the hospitality industry have achieved savings with web3 Source to Contract whilst retaining the quality standards of suppliers and goods needed to ensure they deliver outstanding service to their customers.


Manufacturing organisations have seen greater production and returns from savings delivered with web3 Source to Contract.


In an industry where every penny counts web3 Source to Contract has helped our clients in the healthcare industry gain outstanding savings, while allowing them to source the quality of goods they need.