web3 Innovations: Touchless User Interface

Touchless interface is the latest technology that allows hands-free, mobile working. Using devices such as mixed reality headgear, or a voice control system, we’ve combined this with artificial intelligence to create your very own ‘digital assistant’.

Removing barriers between users and system

Touchless UI with web3 enables you to work smarter, faster and complete tasks more conveniently than ever before. Benefits of deploying touchless UI in a work environment includes:

  • Enable users to multi task more efficiently
  • Access real time data and reports directly and easily
  • Collaborate more effectively using visually enhanced information
  • Allows hands-free mobile working anytime, anywhere

There are an unlimited number of ways that you can optimise your procurement operation using Touchless UI with web3, especially with web3 Connect – our powerful and intuitive iPaaS toolset, you can hook web3 up with any touchless UI devices, third party legacy systems and any data source.