web3 Capture Product Guide

web3 Capture is an electronic invoice data capture tool that sits alongside web3 eInvoicing, our Accounts Payable (AP) solution. web3 Capture enables you to process any type of invoice received by email or paper, eliminating time intensive and error-prone manual re-keying of invoice data.

Simply upload your scanned paper or email attachment into web3 Capture, and it’ll read and extract the line information from the invoice and highlight where information is missing for further completion. It will then pass this completed data onto your finance system for matching, coding and approvals, helping you speed up your payment processes.

web3 Capture offers:

  • A dashboard to help you manage all invoice activity in real-time
  • Detailed reporting on user activity, invoice volume and upcoming invoices
  • Automatic class and data verification of key financial data

Download our product guide to find out more.


web3 Capture product guide