web3 for SunSystems

Any organisation looking to improve purchasing processes through the introduction of a purchase to pay or source to contract solution will inevitably face the choice between using the features and functions offered by the incumbent finance system or going best of breed, which today almost invariably means a cloud based solution.

Here at Wax Digital, our dedicated integration team has over 10 years’ experience of successfully and efficiently integrating a wide range of ERPs including SunSystems with our web3 spend management solutions.

web3 for SunSystems benefit at a glance

  • Gain a clear, consistent and detailed overview over all transactions
  • Enable PO flip and electronic invoicing to significantly cut labour and processing costs
  • Enjoy savings with a subscription based solution, in comparison to an ERP system
  • Allows suppliers to access all transactions details to facilitate clear and transparent processing
  • Allow self-service of account details without letting suppliers behind the corporate firewall

Download this product paper to find out more.

web3 for SunSystems