web3 Integrated Source to Pay Brochure

Integrated Source to Pay (iS2P) brings the entire procurement lifecycle under the control of a common system delivering a single seamless purchasing process. The automation of the S2P process helps buyers to maximise efficiencies, drive savings and spend compliance.

The web3 eprocurement suite is built from the ground up on a single code base, which can work seamlessly with any existing system. You can start with one module and grow over time, or run a completely integrated Source to Pay system from day one.

Our software delivers eSourcing, Purchase to Pay and spend management across the entire procurement lifecycle. You can manage your procurement activities smarter, achieve better buying outcomes and improve your business value and processes.

Find out more about the benefits of each solution, as well as how web3 iS2P could work for your organisation in this dedicated brochure, where all aspects of the web3 product suite are featured in-depth.

The product brochure covers:
Contract Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Purchase to Pay

web3 iS2P brochure