Integrated Source to Pay

web3 Integrated Source to Pay enables organisations to: maximise efficiencies, savings and spend compliance throughout the entire procurement lifecycle.  In addition the web3 Connect integration platform enables seamless integration with back-office, finance and ERP systems.

The integrated nature of web3 Source to Pay delivers a great user experience, faster implementation and higher adoption rates than the ERP alternative.  The Wax Digital integrated source to pay approach takes the game away from other best of breed vendors too.

Watch the animation below to discover even more benefits of our integrated Source to Pay solution.


Wax Digital web3 eProcurement software

Integration - the most important word in business

Software and systems integration is vital, but best practice procurement also relies on better human connections across the organisation.

Find out why we think integration is the most important word in business in this short animation.

After you’ve watched the video, why not take a closer look at the benefits of web3 iS2P.


An Integrated Source to Pay Success Story 

“Wax Digital’s ability to seamlessly integrate web3 with SAP was a key reason Nissan chose the organisation. Its wealth of experience helped Nissan IS to deliver one of its most successful integration projects to date.”

Pablo Lamarca, Section Manager IS, Nissan

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Nissan SAP Integration Case Study


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Integrated Source to Pay Lifecycle

Combining our world-class Purchase to Pay and Source to Contract software alongside comprehensive reporting and advanced ERP integration capabilities, web3 Integrated Source to Pay offers a single, seamlessly integrated solution from supplier onboarding through to matched invoice.

See how iS2P maximises efficiency throughout the entire procurement lifecycle.

Wax Digital web3 Integrated Source to Pay Life Cycle



Integrated Source to Pay Benefits

Total visibility of web3 Source to Pay product data

Total Visibility of Procurement Data 

Integrated Source to Pay enables data such as supplier records, performance histories, product data and contracts to name just a few, to flow seamlessly between activities. Users have immediate access to all information, improving your spend control and visibility.

Better supplier management with web3 Source to Pay

Better Supplier Management

Throughout the whole business process: From tender to on-boarding, through automated supplier information and risk management, contract management and the transactional lifecycle, integrated source to pay delivers a genuinely joined up view of supplier data, relationships and activities.

Improved compliance with web3 Source to Pay

Improved Compliance

Seamless interaction between demand and execution, allowing requests to be converted into quotes and back into orders, puts procurement best practice at the heart of the purchasing lifecycle.

Full audits with web3 Source to Pay

Full Audit

Integrated reporting functionality gives you a comprehensive end-to-end audit of the entire purchasing process at the push of a button.

Reduce Administration with web3 Source to Pay

Reduced Administration

Consolidated data, process and management interfaces means redundant administrative tasks and duplication are eliminated.  Allowing procurement and finance professionals to focus on value added tasks.

Improve adoption with web3 Source to Pay

Improved Adoption

A single cloud-based solution ensures a simpler and more efficient roll-out and integration with existing systems. Quick user adoption across internal and external stakeholders in turn lowers training and support costs thanks to a common, consistent interface.

web3 Source to Pay gives you coherent analytics

Coherent Analytics

A consolidated view of spend data, from both within and outside the Source to Pay (S2P) framework, allows you to spend time on analysis rather than manual data consolidation and comparison.

Wax Digital web3 is built from the ground up on a single code base to facilitate completely end-to-end integrated source to pay.

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web3 enhances clinical compliance for the NHS

“The financial argument alone justifies web3 Source to Pay, but the control it gives us from a clinical governance point of view is critical in 21st century medicine.”

CEO, County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Download the CDDFT case study
Improved compliance for the NHS



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