The Benefits of web3 Integrated Source to Pay Software

There are many advantages of an integrated Source to Pay eProcurement solution - here are a few key highlights:

Better efficiency with web3  Source to Pay eProcurement software


By automating administrative tasks and making it easier for employees to buy goods/services from approved suppliers at approved prices, web3 eProcurement software can significantly improve the efficiency of both procurement and finance functions.

web3 Source to Pay eProcurement software delivers savings

Delivers Savings

Both web3 eSourcing and Purchase to Pay deliver significant return on investment:

  • eSourcing through competitive eTenders and eAuctions can drive bottom line savings
  • Purchase to Pay ensures that goods and services are procured from agreed contracts delivering cost and time savings.

Better spend visibility with web3 Source to Pay eProcurement software

Spend Visibility

web3 Purchase to Pay captures and audits every stage of the procurement process, to give you a complete picture of your spending.

web3 eProcurement software saves you time

Time saving

Easy to use software with in-built templates, wizards and favourites, make it easy for users to create new negotiations, or purchase requisitions.

Effective supplier relations with web3 Source to Pay eProcurement software

Effective Supplier Relations

Access to supplier evaluations, interactions and spend at the click of a button makes it quicker and easier to assess and manage your supplier relationships.

web3 Source to Pay eProcurement software is a proven solution

Proven solution

Our integrated Source to Pay eProcurement software has been successfully implemented and delivered a tangible ROI to thousands of companies across the world.

Manage growth with web3 Source to Pay eProcurement software

Manage Growth

web3 eProcurement software delivers enhanced process control, improved cash flows and significant efficiency gains across your organisation – all key factors in supporting planned growth initiatives.

Reduce waste with web3 Source to Pay eProcurement software

Reduce Waste

web3 Source to Pay enables the removal of paper order, receipts and invoices is an immediate waste reduction together with process improvements also save wasted time and money.

“Because e-procurement solutions deliver results... e-procurement solution have become mainstream solutions in North America and Western Europe, with penetration rates among target audiences exceeding 30%” e-Procurement Market & Vendor Landscape Report, Gartner
“Research suggests that alignment among business strategy, e-procurement strategy, e-procurement tool, strategic IT capability and strategic typology have a positive influence on a company’s performance.” Kent Business School ‘E-Procurement: How Does it Enhance Strategic Performance?'


Why choose web3 Source to Pay?

Over and above the well-known benefits of eProcurement software, Wax Digital web3 also delivers the following:

Wax Digital web3 Source to Pay




Rated as being one of the most intuitive and easy to use solutions on the market, web3 delivers high user adoption with low training requirements.


Product innovation

Both eSourcing and Purchase to Pay suites follow a constant innovation schedule and rolled out to customers on a regular basis.


Cloud based

As a web based platform, web3 can be accessed anywhere and at any time, so users can log in at their convenience.


Integration experience

Where integration with back office systems is required, Wax Digital's Connect solution delivers seamless data exchange.


Global use

With users in 102 countries worldwide, web3 is used from Bristol to Brazil, Austria to Australia.



Since 2001, Wax Digital has delivered process efficiencies and bottom line savings to medium sized businesses and multi-national organisations.


On-going support

Wax Digital has dedicated support teams to assist you at every stage of your project.

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