Streamlined and Straightforward Integration with web3 Connect

Integrated Source to Pay means seamless integration to back-office systems and third party data sources and, unique in the eProcurement space, Wax Digital has made over a decade’s investment in a proprietary Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), web3 Connect.

The single biggest roadblock to best of breed Purchase to Pay and Source to Contract implementation is the question over integration with the finance systems and other data points such as third party spend data.

web3 Connect streamlines integration with existing finance and other legacy systems through out-of-the-box adapters for common business systems and an intuitive toolset to enable custom routes and interfaces to be built and deployed quickly, robustly and securely, enabling interchange with any nature and number of remote systems.

Wax Digital web3 Connect
Integration made easy with Wax Digital web3 Connect

Integration platform as a service (iPAAS)

As well as providing the Integration Services team at Wax Digital with a flexible and intuitive means to create robust, secure interfaces with back-office systems, web3 Connect is unique in providing web3 customers with a real-time graphical view of those interfaces and their performance.

Dashboard widgets provide clear and concise insight into the behaviour of every interface - whether it is running, document volumes, timings and so on, as well as giving immediate visibility of any connectivity issues.

Computer Monitor displaying web3 Connect interface

web3 Connect provides the same interface build and management capabilities to our clients that we use here at Wax Digital, enabling our customers' IT teams to construct, deploy and manage interfaces to and from web3, and even between remote systems that are completely unconnected to web3. You'll be able to access an opt-in integration network where you'll find a library of common integration adaptors, making interface deployment fast and intuitive.


Wax Digital web3 therefore becomes a platform for managing business processes and messages, not simply a procurement engine. And along the way integration becomes the transparent, seamless business process it always should have been.

“With this approach, Wax shifts the battleground of S2P from modular/functional capability and a consumer-centric user interface alone to integration as the battleground for transactional procurement”Xavier Olivera, SpendMatters

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Finance systems integration

Working hand in glove with your finance system(s) is a critical part of any purchase or source to pay implementation and web3 Connect makes the process simple and effective with highly intuitive interface design capabilities and standard adapters for almost every finance system, including: 


SAP integration using Wax Digital's web3 ConnectWeb3 Source to Pay integration with MicrosoftWeb3 Source to Pay integration with Infor SunSystemsOracle integration using Wax Digital's web3 ConnectPeopleSoft integration using Wax Digital's web3 ConnectWeb3 Source to Pay integration with KerridgeWeb3 Source to Pay integration with SageJD Edwards integration using Wax Digital's web3 ConnectIntegration with Unit4 AgressoLawson


The unique integration platform as a service capabilities of web3 Connect also mean that data interfacing doesn’t just stop at the finance system. Build interfaces for supplier risk data, spend from other third party systems, stock data, social media – in fact any data points that expand and enrich your understanding of spend and beyond. Make Wax Digital web3 your single point of reference for information across the enterprise.


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