Drivers for eProcurement Projects by Role

As eProcurement systems impact on so many different departments and user types, it’s not only the procurement team who spearhead the search for a solution.

We've taken a look at some recent client projects, who drove their projects and why.

Procurement Function

As the driver in most eProcurement projects, the procurement team can be motivated by one or all of the following:

Improving processes

Moving the whole team onto one common platform speeds up collaboration and provides an audit trail of activity. The logical structure of web3 encourages the team to follow procurement best practice and simplify or significantly reduce administrative tasks.

Strategic sourcing

Simplifying and automating transactional, lower-value spend allows procurement professionals to move towards a strategic role within the business. Gaining visibility of organisation-wide spend through web3 allows the procurement team to see areas which could benefit from procurement best-practice or eSourcing projects. This gives procurement the information they need to pro-actively plan their priorities and move away from transactional processing.

Spend management

Ensuring that agreed contracts are adhered to and adding in compliance and controls across everyday spend is a key driver in many projects. Solutions such as web3 help to manage this across widely disparate locations, providing the procurement team with the data and visibility to reduce costs, review spend and effectively manage their supply-chain.

Finance and Accounts Payable

Finance is increasingly becoming the lead in eProcurement projects with key drivers that align with the procurement function, including:

Decreasing invoice processing time

Receiving invoices that have already have a matching purchase order and receipt, reduces invoice processing time significantly, allowing finance resources to prioritise their focus on other critical areas of value.

Increasing saving opportunities

Shaving money off overheads, with compliant spending on agreed contracts, delivers true savings which can be tracked and reported back into the organisation.

Improving spend visibility

Having a view of requisitions, orders and receipts enables the finance team to identify areas of opportunity and operate proactively. Invoice queries can be minimised and efficiently dealt with.


The focus from IT will always be focused on their requirement of a secure, robust solution, with stringent SLAs, optimum support and development and selecting a solution which can easily be integrated with existing systems. Outside of this other requirements include:

Reduce Hardware requirements

Cloud-based solutions such as web3 remove the need for the IT function to source or approve the required hardware. It also removes the rollout and maintenance requirements that hardware demands, with the inevitable upgrades required as technology advances.


As an organisation grows or changes, their IT requirements also have to flex in tandem. Cloud-based solutions offer the ultimate scalable solution with little or no impact upon the IT function.

Reduce costs

Licensing for ERP solutions can be a considerable cost to your organisation. Many clients have found it much more cost effective to use a best-of-breed supplier. Moving to a secure eProcurement solution that can be accessed anywhere via the internet also reduces time and support required from IT managing user access and the rollout of software to new users.


As each different role has different demands for an eProcurement system and we work hard to ensure Wax Digital web3 delivers benefits to the entire organisation.

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