eProcurement Life Cycle - An Integrated Whole

Integrated Source to Pay delivers a seamless holistic purchasing process from source to pay, maximising efficiencies, savings and spend compliance throughout the entire procurement lifecycle.

Wax Digital's Integrated Source to Pay streamlines the eProcurement lifecycle

Enabling that procurement lifecycle in a single integrated system means:

  • Total Visibility: Integrated Source to Pay enables data such as supplier records, performance histories, product data and contracts to name just a few, to flow seamlessly between activities. Users immediate access to 360° information, improving your spend control and visibility.
  • Better Supplier Management: From tender to on-boarding, through automated supplier information and risk management, contract management and the transactional lifecycle, integrated source to pay delivers a genuinely joined up view of supplier data, relationships and activities.
  • Improved Compliance: Seamless interaction between demand and execution, allowing requests to be converted into quotes and back into orders, puts procurement best practice at the heart of the purchasing lifecycle.
  • Full Audit: Integrated reporting functionality gives you a comprehensive end-to-end audit of the entire purchasing process at the push of a button.
  • Lower Administration: Consolidated data, process and management interfaces means redundant administrative tasks and duplication are eliminated, allowing procurement and finance professionals to focus on value added tasks.
  • Improved Adoption: A single cloud-based solution ensures a simpler and more efficient roll-out and integration with existing systems. Quick user adoption across internal and external stakeholders in turn lowers training and support costs thanks to a common, consistent interface.
  • Coherent Analytics: A consolidated view of spend data, from both within and outside the S2P framework, allows you to spend time on analysis rather than manual data consolidation and comparison.

In just the same way that procurement can’t save its way to zero, no procurement technology vendor can acquire its way to integrated solution excellence. Wax Digital web3 is built from the ground up on a single code base to facilitate completely end-to-end integrated source to pay.


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