Manual supplier setup and data management processes represent not just a huge hidden cost for most organisations, but a key supply-chain risk factor too. web3 Supplier Information Management takes the process electronic and enables suppliers to self-serve everything from registration to account maintenance, with full audit, approvals, and seamless integration to back-office systems.

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Supplier Information Management benefits

“web3 SIM has given us the ability to onboard suppliers through a structured, clear and concise approach. Our procurement teams can be confident that all information provided by the supplier is captured correctly, efficiently, and approved via the appropriate channels.”

Simon Madders, Project Implementation Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

Mitchells and Butlers

  • What is Supplier Information Management / What is SIM

    New to the term Supplier Information Management, also known as SIM, or need to refresh your memory? Here’s our explanation of SIM software.

    Supplier Information Management, or SIM, is the practice used by a buying organisation to capture, store and enrich all supplier data in a single repository to create a detailed picture of supplier capabilities. Dedicated SIM software comes with an online portal that allows suppliers to self-serve the on-boarding, account maintenance and data management processes, with full audit and approvals functionalities to ensure compliance and minimise supplier risk.

    Other than provision of a single accurate data source, SIM software also sends automated alerts to ensure suppliers maintain key metrics and documents without the need of administrative overhead from the buyers.

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