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Eliminating maverick spend, improving spend visibility and reducing manual process, Wax Digital web3 Purchase to Pay (P2P) brings automation to the entire procurement process, rapidly delivering cost and resource savings. The web based purchase order system provides an intuitive consumer shopping experience to ensure employees can quickly and easily meet their needs for products and services from the right suppliers at the right prices.

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Wax Digital web3 has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 for Procure to Pay Suites.

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The Accelerate Programme

Wax Digital Accelerate is a programme drawn from our experience of supplier on-boarding that contains all you need to ensure a fast, efficient and effective supplier on-boarding initiative. If you’re happy to manage the process yourself we will provide a portfolio of essentials as standard. Alternatively, we can manage the entire process on your behalf.

  • What is Purchase to Pay

    New to the term Purchase to Pay, also known as Procure to Pay, or need to refresh your memory? Here’s our explanation of Purchase to Pay, also known as Procure to Pay.

    Purchase to Pay, also known as P2P for short, comprises a number of stages that describe the end-to-end process from an organisation ordering a product or service from a supplier, through to the organisation making the subsequent payment for those services.

    The main stages of this process are product ordering, supplier requisitions, budget authorisation, receipting of delivery, and invoice processing. The process is also known as Procure to Pay. The illustration below shows the entire P2P process.

    P2P systems (or software) facilitate staff efficiencies, cost savings, spend control and spend transparency across this entire lifecycle.

    Purchase to Pay (P2P) Lifecycle

    purchase to pay process

    Purchase to pay processes

P2P processing accounts for nearly one third of the overall cost of finance and procurement operations, and we can help you improve administrative efficiencies and reduce such cost by as much as 80%.

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