Gain complete visibility with web3 Spend Reporting

Collecting meaningful, accurate and comprehensive information for spend data analysis is one of the biggest ongoing challenges faced by purchasing and other stakeholders. All too often it is time consuming, frustrating and ineffective, telling only half the story and so making you only half as effective. Successful spend management demands real-time visibility and web3 Spend Reporting delivers a complete universe of business, spend, process and behavioural information.

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Spend Reporting benefits at a glance

  • What is Spend Reporting

    New to the term Spend Reporting, or need to refresh your memory? Here’s our explanation of Spend Reporting software.

    Spend Reporting refers to the process of collecting and analysing spend, process and behavioural data to measure procurement activities against KPI’s. Spend Reporting software compiles comprehensive data which provides stakeholders with complete visibility of their historic and current procurement trends. The depth of information gained enables organisations to transform data into insights, boosting efficiency, creating well informed strategic purchasing initiatives and helping to minimise resource requirements.    

Coventry Building Society’s head of procurement reveals the lack of data visibility at CBS before web3 and how its implementation has influenced strategies throughout their entire organisation.

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