The revolutionary, industry-leading Source to Contract suite

Created from the ground up to deliver spend control, web3 Source to Contract is the most comprehensive and powerful tool available on the market. It’s the perfect eProcurement software for purchasers looking to drive best value and optimise their strategic sourcing outcomes. 

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Introducing the WEB3 Source to Contract modules

web3 Source to Contract is available in separate modules or as a complete suite, helping you to streamline your spend management. You also have the option to add further modules to meet your changing procurement goals.

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  • What is Source to Contract

    New to the term Source to Contract, also known as S2C, or need to refresh your memory? Here’s our explanation of the term.

    Source to Contract, abbreviated to S2C, describes the end-to-end process an organisation undertakes when sourcing products or services, from performing strategic sourcing activities through to managing contracts. Typically, integrated S2C software is composed of eSourcing (eAuctions & eTenders), Contract Management and Savings Tracker.

    S2C software automates and standardises the creation of electronic tenders (eTenders) and auctions (eAuctions). eTenders empower procurement teams to run more tenders effectively, while organisations can leverage the competitive behaviour driven by real-time online negotiations in eAuctions to secure cost savings in their supply chain. Contract Management stores all agreements in a single, secure environment, enabling organisations to develop a comprehensive overview of all contractual details, and the Savings Tracker module provides users with the necessary tools to capture, measure and report against procurement savings. Additionally, organisations can deploy only the specific modules from a S2C system based on the requirements of their enterprise.

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